Last March 8th Women’s Day was celebrated.

We wanted to celebrate it with our team as every year, recognizing the daily work of our more than 400 women and her professionalism.

We gave them a sweet entrance to work with chocolate, a flower and a cosmetic pack.

Those in charge of delivering the details to the women were some of our colleagues as Abdellah Houri, Deputy General Manager, José Manuel Cantón, Technical Director, Juan Manuel López, Packhouse Director, among others.

In Agroatlas and Nature Growers most of our team is female, and we can say very loud and without mistaken that it will continue always the same way, as the professionalism and the good doing is over anything.

Happy Women’s Day to all those fighters, without their work, our success simply would not be.

And as a picture is worth a thousand words, enjoy the following photos.


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