On March 8, International Women’s Day was celebrated across the globe.

From Nature Growers we wanted to recognize the professionalism and daily effort made by all the women who are on our staff.

More than 300 women received a flower, chocolate and dates with milk at the entrance to work, as is typical in Morocco when there is a celebration.

Although we understand that women should celebrate this day throughout the year, we must give the value that working women deserve.

Dimensioning your capacity at work is never too much, and in our company this is something that we take into account.

We understand that these gestures are important for our people to be motivated and feel part of the company. Let them see that they matter to us, because it really is so, and not because of an ephemeris, but because their work is capital at Agroatlas and Nature Growers. 

In addition to being an emotional incentive for the company, it is part of the philosophy that the Menoyo Family; It is applied day by day and our CEO, Ricardo Menoyo, reflects this with all those projects that he develops together with the Human Resources team.

All of our workers are people committed to the company, who see it as theirs, and that is always appreciated.

The work environment in a business unit like ours is a fundamental item so that our products not only have the quality that is recognized for us, but also so that all processes and traceability of them follow the pre-established protocols.

As you know, a large part of our staff is female, and we can say very loudly and without mistake, that this will continue to be the case, since professionalism and good work are above all other aspects.

From here we want to congratulate all those fighters, and tell them that without their work, our success simply would not be.

We leave you with some photos of this beautiful day:

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