As we have always been proud to recognize, the main asset of Agroatlas is, undoubtedly, its working team.

A few days ago, our colleague Samira Bizelmaden received from the hands of CEO Ricardo Menoyo, a recognition for the good work and dedication of this employee.

Samira has been with us for 5 years, and holds the position of Deputy Director of Administration.

The evening was celebrated along with several representatives of the Agroatlas team and our production company Nature Growers, in a cordial dinner.

We are convinced that our company has to reflect the values that we have. We respect good gender and we do everything possible so that the working environment, from the field to the
expedition, has an ethical chain that improves the lives of the people who are behind it.

The mission of Agroatlas is to offer maximum customer quality. Achieving that our products are a reference in the sector, without losing sight of that asset we were talking about at the
beginning. We need to have a committed workforce that feels the company as theirs, participate in our activities, make a team … All these values are transferred to our customers.

It is not the first time that we talk about these type of actions; As you remember, a few months ago we made the annual delivery of school material to the children of our employees, wefacilitated the “Ramadan kit” so that the staff spent the month in the best possible way, or we mentioned the adventure of the “Panda Raid”, an experience in which we could distribute clothes and others to very needy families.

We leave you with some images of the celebration:

As you know you can also follow us through our social networks, it is a perfect channel to provide information on all our actions, a quick reminder about the ones we have:


It will be a pleasure to also have you through these channels and sharing our company philosophy.

Agroatlas team.

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