Advantages of own production

When our number one priority is to provide an exceptional service together with a great quality, with a competitive price and professional treatment, having your own crop is the best way to achieve it; since we do not depend on anyone except ourselves.

As producer and packer, we can reach the supermarket without the need of any intermediary which doesn´t add any value to the chain.

In addition, as farmers we can decide what, when and how, therefore, this allows us to work with fixed annual programs, which is how many large distributors prefer to work.

We have our own production

Having our own production and crops makes it possible to meet our quality and sustainability objectives, providing an exceptional service, our number one priority.

Committed to a sustainable and quality farming

Not everything in life is what, but how. It is useless to try to be the most productive farmers if we don’t respect the environment; this planet needs to last very long!

For us, quality goes beyond a “visible attractive” product; there is a lot behind such as social and environmental responsibility, since, for us, not everything is what but how.

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