Ramadan 2023 begins this week for the entire Muslim community, beginning this Thursday, March 23.

It is celebrated in the ninth lunar month and begins with the appearance of the crescent moon on the last day of Sha’ban (eighth month in the Islamic lunar calendar).

A few days before at our Nature Growers facilities in Agadir, we all celebrated together by delivering Ramadan kits with essential foods for these days.

It has a religious, sanitary (purifies the body), mental (strengthens the will) and moral sense (makes people understand what people deprived of food suffer).

Ramadan lasts about 30 days, until the sighting of the next crescent moon, before closing the period with Eid al-Fitr in which the fast is broken with a big meal and celebration.

From Agrotlas and Nature Growers team we want to wish everyone a happy Ramadan, especially to our more than 2,000 Muslim workers.

Do not miss the summary video where Richi, our Chief Commercial Officer, dances the typical Arabic music!

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