On Thursday, September 15, we celebrate our annual meeting in Agadir, Morocco.
The colleagues from the Almería office joined the colleagues from the Agadir office, field and warehouse. It has been a great feeling of unity to be able to share that day and the whole week.

Our colleagues from Almería visited all the farms located in Agadir during the week. They were also able to see the daily work from the packhouse and work together with the colleagues from Agadir.

The annual meeting took place on Thursday September 15 at Domaine Villate Limoune.

The day began at 9am with presentations from the different departments.

This was followed by coaching workshops. Thanks to these workshops we were able to get to know all our colleagues better, and highlights a phrase that we all have very present, which we follow in our company: Don’t try to be the best on your team, try to make your team the best.

We end the workshops with some motivating words from our CEO, Ricardo Menoyo, focused on each one’s vision of the future.
But if we have to choose a photo of Ricardo Menoyo, it is this one, I think words are unnecessary:

We all continue rowing together towards excellence!

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