Ramadan will begin on the next morning of May 16, and end on June 15. 

More than 1.500 million Muslims on the globe will not be able to eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. Before dawn, Muslims take the first “suhur”, the last meal and drink they can take until the sun sets again, a phase known as “iftar”. It is a tradition in which, during the ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar, the date on which it is believed that Allah began the revelation of the Koran to Muhammad is represented.

During the 29 days of Ramadan, mosques open their doors after the aforementioned “iftar” for the “tarawih” prayer.

A large part of the Agroatlas staff and its Nature Growers production company is Muslim, so each year we distribute what we call the “Ramadan kit”, so that they pass it in the most bearable way possible. It is a very beautiful moment for our company, in which we approach the staff, in which we wish them a happy Ramadan and in which we have the possibility of meeting on a date so marked in their calendar.

We leave you with some images of the delivery day:

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