“Today we celebrate your perseverance, tenacity, perseverance… Every morning you cross the doors of the office, the packhouse, or the field ready to infect those around you with that magic that characterizes you so much” thus begins the letter that our CEO, Ricardo Menoyo, dedicates to all the women in our company for Women’s Day.

For yet another year we have celebrated the 8th of March among balloons, flowers, gifts, and laughter. In addition, some colleagues from the Almeria office were at the Agadir office, where every year we take advantage of the large space to celebrate this day, so they were able to enjoy this celebration together with their colleagues.

Ricardo continues in his letter: “Working is not only coming to do your job, working is also dreaming, flying and striving to make each of your dreams come true, to educate your children in values as important as honesty, humility, and respect“. These are the values that we share and transmit in Agroatlas, not only among the members of the team but also outside with customers and suppliers.

The Women’s Day ended with the typical chants of Moroccan women, their way of thank you at the same time the gesture of Abdellah Houri, manager of Nature Growers, Agroatlas’ subsidiary in Morocco, and Ricardo Menoyo, who also thanked at the end of his letter as follows: “We are very proud, today and every day, that you are part of our team. Because without you, our colleagues, nothing would be the same.Thank you all for your courage, dedication, and charisma, and for filling every day with light and joy.”

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