The Panda Raid is an authentic adventure. It comes from Raid (great distance) and Panda (meeting people for fun).

This is an amateur long distance and resistance rally that takes place annually in March, where more than a hundred teams decide to challenge the supreme law of common sense and embark on an “old school” adventure, on board an old Panda (or also Seat Marbella). It is developed in Morocco through a tour of 7 stages, which in some cases test the physical and mental capabilities of the teams, supreme values of a mechanical effort and comrades who intend to leave behind, at least for a few days, the bustle of civilization and dependence on technology. The important thing is not time or speed; to overcome Panda Raid implies first of all to reach the goal.

Sportsmanship, teamwork and solidarity prevail. The Agroatlas team was composed of Ricardo and Richi Menoyo, and during the course of the race they had the opportunity to donate clothes and shoes that were very kindly donated from family and friends. Such items were delivered directly to families, orphanages and schools.

It is at the same a rally in which not only partcipants exercise solidarity; from the organization, with the funds raised they are also committed to make a positive impact. For example, in the last edition they collaborated in the construction and development of a bioclimatic school for children in Ait Ahmed, as well as in promoting beekeeping and the maintenance of biodiversity in the Mesguina forest.

For the Agroaltas team it was a real pleasure to contribute our bit to these much-needed causes.

We will repeat in 2019!

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